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Introducing: Tribes of Israel

Sewing season is just around the corner! Yay and aww go in the same sentence. Yay because I can't wait to dedicate my time to quilting. Aww because it means cold weather will be here SOON!

Let's get back into the mood with this hand project and then get it quilted to use during the upcoming cold! 

Tribes of Israel.jpg

About the quilt: One day I was reading my Bible and I ran across Deuteronomy 28: 17-20. As soon as I saw the words, this quilt popped into my head! I also found it interesting the majority of these gems are Birthstones too! 

Dimensions: 46" x 36"

Type: English Paper Piece

Difficulty: Minimal prior experience with EPP is suggested. 

How it works: The quilt along begins September 10th and we will work on one block per week. 

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