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If you're thinking about joining the quilting world, here are a few supplies that will make it easier. They are not required, but they will certainly make this new art more enjoyable.

First though is the explanation of what the difference is between Piecing and Quilting:

Piecing is the process of making the top. Typically meaning making and joining blocks. Quilting is sewing the quilt top, batt, and back together. There are three ways to do this, by hand, by machine, or by tying.  

For Piecing

For Hand Quilting

18" x 24" Cutting mat 

45mm Rotary cutter 

Medium sized sharp scissors 

6" x 24" Quilting ruler

12" square Quilting ruler

Seam ripper

Stick pins


Ironing board

Sewing machine

1/4" quilting foot for your machine

Quilting needle for your machine

Quilting thread

Beginners Quilt Pattern

100% cotton fabric

When purchasing rulers and cutting mats, use the same brand. Most brands are slightly different in the way their lines are made and will throw off your fabric sizes a little bit. My personal choice is either Fiskars or Creative Grids. 

Hand quilting needle

Chalk or #2 pencil

Safety pins


Quilting Hoop

Small scissors

Hand quilting thread

Quilt top, batting and backing

Optional: quilting template

For Tying 

Chenille needle

Yarn, embroidery thread or perle thread

Safety pins


Large working surface or quilting hoop

Small scissors

Measuring tape

Chalk or other marking tool

Quilt top, batting and backing

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