Fabric Choices

The original fabric color palate: 

For some, they will not like these colors or they have in mind a quilt with specific colors. That's fine. Any colors is okay, just remember this: If the color depth is not right, the end design might look different. 

To make sure this does not happen, take a picture with your phone and edit it to a gray scale photo. This will be your guide. 

Decide what color you would like to build the quilt around. That does not necessarily mean it will be the dominant color, but it will guide your color scheme. When you are picking out fabrics from your host quilt shop start with fabrics you think fit the color depths. For this quilt you need two dark, one medium, and one light fabrics. 


Once you are happy with them, take a picture and edit it to a gray scale. Do grays match up? If not, try looking for the same colors but a different depth. Once you have the matching gray scale you are good to go!  

Check back regularly for tips and techniques during this mystery.



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