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When it come to flying geese they can be quite a challenge. I have found foundation piecing to be the most accurate method. To see how I do single geese checkout  "Lonely Goose" . Regardless of what method or pattern, the finished size is always two times the height.

For this pattern I am required to have a finished size of 1.5" x 3".



After making the appropriate template, I wrote which fabric I will use...

This step is not a must, but it will save you grief. Trust me. 

Cut your fabrics according to the directions. Make sure you have the appropriate 1/4" seam allowance. I typically cut 1" more than what the directions say. Trust me, it will save use of your favorite tool, the seam ripper. 

For this sample, the geese are the brown and the sky is blue. 

You will be sewing on the line, therefore the back of the paper is where you fabric will go.  The first goose needs to be secured down, covering #1. I use Elmer's stick glue

You are ready to add the sky, which is number 2 and 3 for the first goose. 

Add you next goose. Continue the process until you have finished the template. Before you remove the paper, square up your geese.

After the foundation paper is removed, press the geese. I prefer to use starch as well. 


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