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Foundation Paper Piecing

When you come across the most beautiful quilt and you must make it, only to realize it is foundation piecing. Don't freak out. I am going to walk you through the basics. If you can get these few things down, you can make that most beautiful quilt ever!

First, take a breath and relax. Then photo copy the amount require of the foundation templates. Plan for mistakes, so go ahead and make at least 10 more copies. Again, relax, that is just in case you need another one (or one mystically disappears).  

Tools Needed:

Foundation Templates

*Pressing tool (or finger)

Water-soluble glue


Measure the first piece from seam allowance on both sides. For this example, it is three inches (3"). Then measure the height, including the seam allowance. It is two & quarter inches (2 - 1/4"). Add a half inch to the dimension, which equals 3 - 1/2" by 2 - 3/4" Cut the Number 1 piece this size.

Flip your foundation paper over. The print will now be on the underside.

Using a water-soluble glue stick, glue the #1 fabric covering the first section. You may need to hold the paper in light so you can see the exact placement. 

Flip the foundation back over so the lines are showing. Measure from seam allowance to seam allowance. If the shape is curved or uneven measure from the highest point to the lowest, then add the 1/2" 

Measure from side to side then add 1/2". For my example, it will be a 2- 1/2" square. 

Flip the foundation paper over. The print will be on the underside. 

Lay the square 1/4" past the seam allowance line in the #2 patch. It For this until it extends off the paper. That is the correct placement though. 

Pin in place. Once again flip the foundation over, lines one top. Sew on top of the line. 

Finger press the paper open. Trim away the fabric 1/4" from the sewn edge. Press the foundation back down covering the seam allowance. Flip over, the foundation lines will show. 


Finger press the fabric open. Trim away the fabric. 

Once again measure the next patch, add 1/2" then cut. For each addition patch you will do the same. 

Cover #2, pin in place. Flip over, sew on top of the sew line. 


Once again press the paper open, cut 1/4'" from the sewn edge. Continue the steps until the unit is pieced. 

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