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Using the chart above decide what size squares need to be cut. Place the squares right sides together with the lightest one facing you. 

Using a marking tool and straight edge, draw a line from corner to corner. 

Half Square Triangles: Doubled Up


Flip the piece around. The first stitches will now be on the right hand side of the line. Once again, sew to the left 1/4" away from the line. 

Sew on the left side of the line. To help remember this, think of the line as it were the edge of fabric you are sewing 1/4" from. 


Place your ruler on the line and cut. With small HST it is sometimes easier to cut with scissors rather than a rotary cutter. 


Using your ruler a square ruler, place the 45* angle on the seam. Trim to size. 

Press the HST open according to the pattern's directions. 

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