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Magic 8 

Half Square Triangles

To make eight Half Square Triangles at a time is beyond simple. In fact if I need between five and seven, I go ahead and use this method and then have a few bonus HST left. The measurements above are what I use. This is also a no waste method. 

Using the chart above determine what size of square you need. For this example, I need 2 1/2" unfinished HST. I have cut a 6" square from from fabric A and B.

I use a #2 Pencil for light colors or my Clover chalk marker for dark colors. Using a ruler, draw a line from the left corner to the right corner, and a second line from the right corner to the left corner. You will have an X.  

Put the right sides together and place one pin in each quadrant. Sew a 1/4" away from the line, on both sides of it. Do the same on the second line.  

The next part is where many people make mistakes. It is the magic part... the cutting. The first cuts are on the lines. You will end up with four triangles. 

Next, you will cut each of those triangles in half. If you have done this correctly you will have 8 triangles that look the same. 

Open the triangles up and Voila, the magic appears. You have 8 HST. Press them open flat. 

Lastly, trim them down to your exact measurements. As you are trim use the 45* mark on your ruler. Check out how much waste I have... practically none! 

CONGRATULATIONS! You have now mastered the Magic 8 method of HST. Don't forget to bookmark this page for reference later. I have! 

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