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  • Sarah Marcina

Mystery Quilt: Clue Three

Oh my. Mrs. Hunter has really challenged me this time around. It isn't the piece work, it is the number of them! It is very monotonous with a fairly simple piecing. I don't have to think much. I am having trouble sitting down and working on it for a long period of time.

I thought I had them all finished until I found what was a mistake. I asked the trusty Quiltville Open Studio on Facebook about it. I thought I had a few turned the wrong way, but couldn't figure out what I had done wrong. Unfortunately, the answer wasn't what I had hoped, but it was that I had to make a whole other set that face the other direction. So, I am now officially behind schedule... by more than a week.

I am trying to fit these things in whenever I can so I can catch up. It is becoming a long, tedious piece. Oh dear, eventually I will finished these!

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