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Pleiades: Block 5

Pattern: (noun) a model or design used as a guide in needlework or other crafts

In quilting there is a common misconception one must follow a pattern to the T. In reality a pattern is a guide. True, there are certain things a quilter must adhere to such as seam allowances, measure twice to cut once, pressing, etc. The design though is just an idea of how something is to be done.

With block five, I have reworked the design a little. It might be a little challenging because I haven't put size with it, but that will be simple enough to do as I go along.

This is my messy sketch. I don't use anything special to work it out, but just notebook paper, ruler and whatever writing utensils are at hand. I worked the design I could see in my mind into the grid. I am happy with it.

It is a little late in the evening to start sewing, but I think I will go ahead a cut it so it will be ready to go when I am nice and rested in the morning!

The Pleiades Quilt is designed by Gina Perks of The Copper Needle.

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