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Book Review: How To English Paper Piece, Part Two

Speaking from first hand experience, EPP is a great on the go project. After being away from home for a week, I was able to complete my placemat and mason jar pouch. They bring a touch of spring to my desk.

My sewing machine has been giving me fits. I gave up on my buttonhole maker and just did them by hand. Don't look too close, I've never made them by hand before. If you know how to do a little embroidery it isn't that hard. Mine aren't perfect, but it took less time than it would have using a machine. Honestly, if you are going to make this project go ahead finish the handwork off with buttonholes too. (It made me feel accomplished. lol)

When you sew the pouch together it will look wrong... but it's not. It just needs turned. Hmmm.... didn't think about that until I ripped it apart late last night. (Night time sewing isn't a good idea for me!) This morning when I sewed it back together, it was the same as last night, uh duh... flip it! Are you a night time sewer? How do you manage when you're tired???

Since I moved last spring I didn't get to plant my garden. Which means I didn't can anything. Which also means my caning supplies were piled up *somewhere* in my garage. So, I set out on a digging search. I knew somewhere I had a few old blue quart Mason jars that were my great-grandmothers and I was wanting to use on of those. I'm very happy with my Mason Jar Pouch and the organized canning supplies. Once I find the rest of the supplies I will be ready for canning season!

FYI: If you would like to make a pouch like mine, the hexies were 1.5"

Thanks Carolina for helping me get organized and I'm still loving your projects!

Click here for Part One.

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