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Fall is almost here, which means sewing season is just around the corner. My quilt along will help you get your fingers in the mood again! Starting Tuesday, September 10th through Tuesday, November 26th, we will be working on another block colorway. After Thanksgiving well will finish the quilt... it will be the perfect time for needing a new quilt for winter time snuggles!

I'll admit, I'm not a EPP professional quilter, yet, by time I finished the second block there rest were pretty simple. So why did I design a quilt using EPP? Because I loved the design I came up with! lol I'll be sharing the story behind this quilt next week. If you don't typically follow my blog, I will be posting some pretty cool information that led up to the quilt design. Here's a sneak peek at one of the blocks finished:

I love it! I didn't get bored with making the block because each one is so different!

For yardage requirements, click here. Another good thing about this quilt it is scrap and pre-cut friendly!

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