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  • Sarah Marcina

Tribes of Israel Quilt: Ligure

The color of this gem makes me think of a green apple color. Anyone else? The Hebrew word for Ligure is Leshem. Some Bible scholars believe it is gem of the tribe of Dan.

The more I have studied Bible gems, I realize how much is really know and how much is an well educated guess. In reading about Ligure, I keep finding it would have been the color of a dark blue sapphire rather than the green we recognize it as today.

So for the sake of the quilt, went with the yellow-greens.

We're about half way done with the quilt now... This is block seven of twelve! In fact this is the halfway point, if you throw in the border! Perhaps this quilt could Christmas gift or a little handwork to get you through the winter months.

A quick note of what is quickly coming upon us... the Second "Diary of a Quilt Mystery." No, it isn't a book but The Quilted Diary's annual mystery quilt. For a teaser, here is the inspiration photo:

Another little teaser, this year Charisma Horton of Charisma's Corner, will be joining in on the design! Check out her work at More information is coming shortly!!! For now, less finish up Tribes of Israel! Until next time, Happy English Paper Piecing!

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