• Sarah Marcina

Diary of a Patriot- Clue One

I love starting a new mystery! I really wanted to get ahead and share weeks ago.

Clue One is simply nine patches and strips using red and white fabrics.

The instruction PDF download will be in my store (free) and also in the Facebook group. If you download from my store, use to code 2020 to get it free.

Before you start cutting your fabric, especially when working with fairly small strips, starch! This is one of the best tips anyone has ever gave me. If you've followed me much you already know I pre-wash. When I press my fabric post wash I go ahead and give them a good starching.

To get a good accurate cut, always lay your ruler where the line is on the fabric rather than beside the fabric. This couple threads can make a big difference in accuracy.

I knew the grand total of the strips, so I chain stitched until I had all the red & whites partnered up. To finish out the strips, I worked with the red-white-red first. With my red fabric cut and counted, I added one to the white side of the already pieced strips. With the remainder of the red & white partners, I sewed a white strip to the red.