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I appreciate Spring!!! I look outside and the grass is turning green, flowers are popping up and tulips are bloomed. This season is extra special this year. It feels like it is bringing hope of renewed life.

Today I went out and worked in my flower beds some. I'm transplanting flowers from the backside of the house to where I will be able to enjoy them. I am glad I was able to catch them at the right time to transplant, otherwise it would have had to wait another year. I'll take pictures and share when they start to bloom. Right now they look like weeds!

Speaking of weeds, when I first went outside I was smelling onion. Somehow my flower bed is full of wild onions. I spent hours digging them up! I couldn't get them all out because they were within my iris. I started looking around and my yard is full of them too. I hope I can find something to kill them. They stinks!

On a happy note, I will leave you a picture of daffodils.

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