• Sarah Marcina

"Those Who Can Do, Do..."

I'm not sure who first said those words but there is truth in them. Maybe you have all the knowledge in the world about a certain subject but don't quite stand out enough to become the next big thing. Perhaps you are a lawyer with a vast knowledge, but don't have a successful law career so you teach instead. Or, perhaps you are a quilt pattern designer who has never broken out of the crowd.

That's me. I am that quilt designer who never broke out of the crowd. After three years of trying, I had my first pattern accepted by a publisher. This stopped me in my tracks. The tracks of do I continue spending countless hours working and going no where. For now though, the time has come where the track ends.

The hardest part in making this decision is leaving behind the work I have done. Part of which is this blog. I have some really heartfelt post that I don't want to loose for my own memory. Raw emotions.... grief, successes, hurt, guilt, love, pure happiness... and so much more can be found in my post. Sometimes I read back on them and celebrate what God has brought me through or praise Him for the joy and happiness He provided.

In light of this, I plan to keep my blog going. Maybe I will even get a little more personal and expand my post into other areas of life. My current patterns will continue to be available for purchase. I intend on continuing to participate in blog hops and other collaborations such as #QuiltBlockMania. (I love #QuiltBlockMania!) When the occasion lends itself, I will also submit designs to companies.

Tomorrow, I will share my thoughts on the rest of the phrase,"...those who can't do, teach."

"The Fall Quilt" was my first self-published pattern that sold. I'm still in love with it!

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