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"...those who can't, teach."

I love teaching. For a couple years I worked in a pre-school and then became the site supervisor of an after-school care program. I love seeing when new ideas 'click'. Just the other day I was talking with a six year old at church. He was counting "1, 3, 5, 7... and I forget the rest. All I know is those kids in my class can't count." I asked him if his teacher said they were counting by odd numbers. It was like a light went off in his head. He responded, "So those kids do know what they are talking about." I couldn't help but laugh. I know the hard work and planning that goes into teaching. I was a teacher. Age doesn't matter, each subject/age has different challenges. All of that to say, I know the later part of the statement, "Those who can do, do... those who can't, teach," isn't the full truth. Most teachers are amazing individuals.

I'm not sure exactly how my goals of teaching virtual quilting classes will come to fruition. Right now I am beginning to gather topics and roughly note specifics to cover. It might be six months or so before I'm ready for my first real classes. Here are a few topics I am working on though:

-Why copyright is important for quilters

-Quilt Math

-Beginners Encyclopedia (What you need to know to start)

A teacher never stops learning...

I'm learning how to machine quilt. My amazing long arm quilter friend, Charisma Horton, has done my quilting thus far. I purchase Christa Watson's book "99 Machine Quilting Designs." I can't wait to get it in the mail and start this journey.

One of the collaborations I will continue to participate in is #QuiltBlockMania. My block series are Sunbonnet Sue or Overall Sam scene. Thus far I have had to hand draw the templates. I intend to learn how to digitize the templates.

I'm excited with the new direction my quilty life is heading!

An up-close picture of the "Tribes of Israel" quilt Charisma Horton free motion quilted.

Four things you must know.

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