Mystery Quilt: Clue Three

December 20, 2017

Oh my. Mrs. Hunter has really challenged me this time around. It isn't the piece work, it is the number of them! It is very monotonous with a fairly simple piecing. I don't have to think much. I am having trouble sitting down and working on it for a long period of time.


I thought I had them all finished until I found what was a mistake. I asked the trusty Quiltville Open Studio on Facebook about it. I thought I had a few turned the wrong way, but couldn't figure out what I had done wrong. Unfortunately, the answer wasn't what I had hoped, but it was that I had to make a whole other set that face the other direction.  So, I am now officially behind schedule... by more than a week.


I am trying to fit these things in whenever I can so I can catch up. It is becoming a long, tedious piece. Oh dear, eventually I will finished these!



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