January 20, 2018

Oh boy!!! Project temptations are the WORST!!! Sunday a lady told me about a quilt block challenge and gave me the information.  The first fatal mistake was looking it up. Second mistake, letting my creative imagination take over. The result is I am now excited about taking part in the Quilt Block Challenge from the National Quilters Circle and making the Pleiades Quilt.


Even before I had decided to sew along, I had the theme picked out. I went to my favorite online fabric shop and searched for reproduction and calico prints. The prints came primarily from the "Oh My Darling" and "Hudson Valley" collections, along with a few blenders.  I ordered January 16 and they arrived today.


I cannot wait to start on the first block. What do you think of my choices?






Here is the link for this BOM Challenge: 








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