April 4, 2018

Oh boy! Spring sure came in like a lion!  The first day I got sick. Yuck. Not quite sure if it was the flu or strep throat. Either way, I was down for about two weeks. 



I am so excited. On Ringo Lake is in the process of being put together as I write. It seems like one runs out of starch at the most inopportune times. Here's what it looks like now: 








I didn't sew the turquoise triangles together until I knew exactly how I wanted it to look. I am going to finish that, which will be quick, before I sew together row 4! I decided on who will be doing the long arm quilting. My goal is to have it at the shop in two weeks or less!!! 


As I am moving soon, I am planning on decorating the spare bedroom using On Ringo Lake as the inspiration. If it turns out the way it looks in my mind, it will be very pretty. A shabby chic feel. Although I am dreading the move, thinking about having a clean slate gives me something to look forward too! 


Well my starch is cooled, so I am going to get back to my quilt. Keep checking back to see pictures of my progress.


Have a great day! 




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