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Triangle in a Square

Begin by cutting fabrics in the width and length specified in the pattern.


When cutting the strips, rotate the template. Make sure the top and bottom of the template is even. Using a square ruler can help make sure they are straight. 

Divide the right triangles into two piles. Lay the stacks on either side of the large triangle. You will have a square. Starting with the triangle on the left lay one of the small triangles on top of the large triangle. The blunt end will be flush with the tip of the large triangle. 

I suggest chain piecing, but start with just one to test it out. To be sure you machine doesn't "eat" your tips, start sewing at the wide end to the tip. 

When pressing, regardless of where the darker fabric is, press the right angle triangle outward. 

Pin the second right angle triangle to the right side. To be sure everything is in place correctly, the unit will form a square. 

You can start on either end when sewing the second triangle on. Once again, start with a test. When pressed open you will have a square. Chain piece the remaining units. 

Press open as you did for the other side. Trim the units to the specified size in the pattern. Make sure to leave a quarter inch seam allowance at the tip of the triangle. 

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