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Tribes of Israel is pre-cut and scrappy friendly!

I suggest using solids or tone-on-tone prints to achieve the gemstone look. At minimum you will need a dark, medium and light color per gem. Fat quarters or 10" square pre-cuts work great but don't forget to raid your scrap bins! I chose to use Connecting Threads Color Wheel Solids Complete Set, 10" square pre-cuts.

Here's the colors & gems they represent: 


Emerald: Hunter Green

Sapphire: Navy

Topaz: Light blues to light turquoise

Garnet: Red

Agate: variety of colors (solid scraps are perfect)

Ligure: Yellow-Green

Amethyst: Purple

Onyx:  Black to gray

Jasper: Iron Red (Red-Brown)

Beryl: Muted Green, Blue and Gray (just one of each)

Diamond: White to off white (try to avoid gray tones)

Sardius: Red-Orange

Yardage for the borders and backing: 


Gold: 1 Yard

(muted yellow, light tan or mustard will work)

Black: 1 Yard


For a horizontal seam: 2 1/2 Yards

For a vertical seam: 1 1/2 Yards

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