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School Glue

My Thoughts...

  • Must use a glue that is water soluble, meaning it will wash out when it dries. 

  • When using the glue bottle's application tip it comes out in a large drop. After it is glue set, the fabric is not pliable. I was able to machine stitch through it, but not hand quilt. I only hand quilt so this was a huge problem for me. 

  • After much research, the suggestion was to replace to application tip with ones specifically created for bottles of glue. I don't like purchase costly items that I might use one in a blue moon or will get lost forever. 

  • I searched and searched for DIY options... some included sticking a pin in the applicator... not a good idea it globed out. Another suggestion was to make one out of tape. It seemed wasteful. Not only was it a waste of time, it was a waste of tape. I tried a couple of other DIY tips, none were satisfactory. I finally found one!!! Wilton's  Disposable Decorating Bags. 

I tried out two methods using decorating bags. Both were successful. For the first method I only used the decorating bag, for the second I added piping tips. 


 - Disposable Decorating Bag

 - Elmer's School Glue

 - Scissors

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