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  • Sarah Marcina

March Madness!

What an absolute 21 days it has been! The only thing in my planner accomplished is paying bills. I am excited to be back at work, and even more excited to start the Polk's Compromise Quilt Along!

Starting in January a local quilt shop used this pattern as a Mystery Quilt. It was so neat seeing the different color schemes make the quilt look so different. I can't wait to start designing my next one.

This design was fun to make. First, I love this particular block. It has a lot of interesting history behind it. Second, I fell in love with the color scheme. There are other reasons, but they're pretty boring.

Polk's Compromise is on sale in the Patterns Shop for $10, the normal price being $15. The Facebook Quilt Along is free. Just a fun time to get together with other quilters. I suppose you could call it an modern sewing bee! Along the way I'll give you a few tips that will be helpful for this project and others to come.

Here is our schedule:

April 8th - Four Patches April 22nd - Square in a Square May 6th - Triangle in a Square May 20th - Block A June 3rd - Block B April 17th - Quilt Assembly ??????? - Finished!

Did you notice the finished date is a bunch of question marks? This may be a quilt finished in a week or become one of those lifetime UFO. Regardless come and join the fun!


Happy Quilting,


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