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  • Sarah Marcina Myers

Pressing Essentials

In the past I have talked about making my pressing starch. I never went into the essential oils before... but last week I had the brilliant idea of making more than one bottle and keeping it on hand. Once you have scents in a bottle they stay for several batches. In other words, one day you need calming then the next your so calm you need energized and you're still stuck in the calming world.

In no way am I an expert with essential oils. I started using them in a diffuser after my grandmother passed away. I was having major anxiety - panic attacks and oils helped me keep more centered. A friend of mine suggested oil combinations and I have just built on those. By building, I mean making them smell yummy rather than just being beneficial.

Here's my combinations (and sorry, I don't know how many drops I use. I just mix until it smells good.)

Calming: Lavender, Bergamont, Cedarwood & Frankincense

(This is also good to use at night if you're having trouble sleeping!)

Energizing: Lemon & Patchouli

Refreshing: Peppermint & Bergamont

Best thing about making starch and adding oils: Your sewing room smells great!

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