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Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop

Call me crazy, but I love spring cleaning! My typical list includes washing windows, wiping down the walls and dusting the ceiling, clean all the light fixtures.... does the list really ever end??? So when I found out Cheryl was putting together the blog hop, I eagerly participated. This is the first year I have a "real" dedicated area for quilting so spring cleaning my quilting studio is a new add to my list. I found out a couple of things, one being it's hard to clean when you want to create.

I had been wanting to brighten up this bookshelf. It was just so blah and it didn't make my fabrics look pretty. A little paint makes such a big difference.

Having to totally evacuate the shelf for painting, made my messy room even messier

Half the battle was the cutting table and ironing board. When I had the fabric on the table, I put a bunch of smaller pieces in the shoe box sized totes. Here is a link to a recent post I wrote about storage solutions.

There are 101 excuses I could make for this mess, but I won't. Simply, I just needed to put things away where they belong and toss some stuff I won't use. I wouldn't call myself a hoarder, I would say I like to make the most out of what I have. If there is some chance I might use something one year in the far future I will keep it, hence I tend to keep to much.

I finally got the shelf hung. Right now it only has a jar of my grandmothers thimbles and her tomato, but I have a few more things to add later.

As for my desk is still messy, and always is messy. So I am left with a clean sewing room all ready to be made messy through creativity!

Don't forget to blog hop!

Here's this years participants:

April 29 - Linda Bratten @ Linda B Creative

April 30 - Sandra Johnson @ Sandra Johnson Designs May 1 - Jennifer Schifano Thomas @ Curliecue Creations May 2 - Becca Fenstermaker @ Pretty Piney May 3 - Sue Griffiths @ Duck Creek Mountain Quilting May 4 - Kate Starcher @ Katie Mae Quilts May 5 - Jo Westfoot @ The Crafty Nomad May 6 - Sam Hunter @ Hunter Design May 7 - Simone Fisher @ Simone Quilts May 8 - Elisabeth DeMoo @ Brown Bird Designs Quilts May 9 - That's Me! May 10 - Amy Bradley @ Purple Pineapple Studios - May 11 - Kathy Nutley @ Quilting by Kathy May 12 - Cheryl Sleboda @ Muppin

Thank you Cheryl for hosting a fun (and challenging) Blog Hop!

Check out the Polk's Compromise pattern and jump in the quilt along fun on the Facebook "The Quilt Along: Polk's Compromise"

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