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  • Sarah Marcina

Gemstone: Sardius

*I am not a Bible scholar. I used the verses Ex. 28: 17-20 for the stone names and modern stone recognition to design the block layout and color.*

Stone Name: Sardius

Modern Recognition: Carnelian

About: The Hebrew word for Sardius is oden which literally means red stone. The modern name of Sardius is Carnelian. Gemologist recognize it as a translucent orange-red quartz. This gem is frequently found in tombs of ancient royals. Today to bring out the color orange-red in carnelian, the stones are heat treated.

Birthstone: According to the ancient astrological calendar, Carnelian is the birthstone for those who were born in the first month of Autumn.

The Bible does not specify which stone represents which tribe. Among some scholars it is believed that Sardius represents the tribe of Judah.

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