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  • Sarah Marcina

#2019 Monthly Color Challenge

If you have been following Jen's Monthly Color Challenge, you already know each block is named after a flower and November is Black Eyed Susan. I love these flowers, but then again, I'm pretty much a flower girl.

After a quick web search, I found these interesting tidbits to share. Black Eyed Susans are classified as a Coneflower and the Latin name is Rudbeckia hirta. The seeds are poisonous, but you can make a herbal tea from the root.

Onto the quilt! I'll admit, when first seeing the block it looked daunting and I wished I hadn't signed up for this month. Jen's directions didn't disappoint, once again they were clear as a sunny day! It really isn't difficult, it just took a few more minutes than other blocks.

I was messaging with Jen the other day and told her how much I have enjoyed this years block of the month challenge. It has given me something fun to pull out, even if it just for a few hours, and I don't have to use my brain! Just read, (over twice, I should add), cut and sew. Poof... done and ready for the next month.

Hint.. Hint... I've finished my Color Challenge quilt and am ready for the reveal!!! Stay tuned.... the end is near!

To get the pattern and learn more about the 2019 Monthly Color Challenge visit Jen's blog.

Check out my fellow quilt bloggers for their take on this block!

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