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Stressful Studio

In passing yesterday I mention I am joining Cheryl Slebota's 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge. Thankfully she offered us writing prompts to help us out. Do you know how hard it is to think of something to write about every single day? Today's suggestion is our sewing space! I believe I could literally write about it a month! Here's the after picture from the Spring Clean Your Studio blog hop. It sure doesn't look like this now!

I take the time in between projects to give it a good cleaning. Right now several quilts are in various stages, each of which has at least two piles of their own. Basically, you could say it is an organized mess. On top of all that, my sewing studio now doubles as my office & inventory storage space for my new "Mary Kay" business. I'm finding this month to be busier and messier than ever!

I was trying to think of a good title for this post and the thought "Stressful Studio" kept coming to mind. I really do work better in a cleaner space! With the goals I have for 2020, I need to get a new system going. Speaking of.... drum roll please! I now a Facebook group up and running for "Diary of a Patriot" Mystery Quilt!

Have a great Monday!

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