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  • Sarah Marcina

Andes Mints

Do you have a memory from your toddlerhood? Something you remember so vividly it almost feels like it was yesterday? I have two of my great-grandmother Newkirk which passed away when I was three.

In the final years of Grandma Newkirk's life she lived with her daughter, my Grandma Spicer. Grandma Newkirk's bedroom was fairly small. There was a hospital bed, a blue chair and a chest of drawers. (At least those are the things I remember.) On the chest of drawers she had a little glass dish with candy. I remember sitting on my mothers lap and Grandma Newkirk allowing me to have one.

A few years ago I was in the grocery store and saw candies wrapped in green. It triggered that memory. I called my mom and asked her if Grandma Newkirk liked Andes Mints. I was surprised when she said yes and mom was surprised I asked. There was no way I would have known that without it being a real memory. I also remembered sitting beside her on the hospital bed.

I don't remember anything other than those two things, but they are special to me. Parents, don't fully shield your very young children from someone who is weak and sickly. In some distant future one small moment might become a sweet lasting memory.

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