• Sarah Marcina

Quilting Room Cleaning Tips

1. Just do it!

I know, right? Something always comes up and it gets pushed back a week... or forever. Take a day and schedule it in, just as if it were a doctors appointment, work meeting, vacation, or church. Yep... things that don't get cancelled often. I marked out one day and that is ALL I did. Granted, it took more time than that, but I got a lot done in that day. Go ahead and make that appointment, you won't regret it!

2. Have a plan of attack!

Know where you are going to start. For me it was easy decision... the ironing board.

3. Have a trash bag beside you!

Follow your first instinct. If you think "toss it"... do it. Don't think twice. If you do, more than likely it will get kept to be never used and will continue to clutter your space.

4. What are you problem areas?

Maybe cleaning up isn't the issue. Perhaps its organization so you don't have tear everything apart to find one little thing. Totes, school boxes, crayon boxes are great. Click here for solutions.