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Yikes! September is here!!!

Only three more months this year!!!! How can that possibly be??? Okay enough with the overly expressive punctuation. On to things Iearned:

- You can't squeeze blood out of a turnip (Whatever that means.)

- You can't fit ten pound of potatoes in a five pound sack (I get this.)

- You cannot make this block with 10" squares (I tried it)

I recently purchased Connecting Threads Color Wheel Solids 10" Complete Set for an upcoming Quilt Along (Find information here). After pulling all the colors I needed for that project, I still had quite a few solids left.

There were two very pretty 10" square (layer cake) purples and I thought for sure if I cut it this way or that, I would be able to make the block... Nope! So my block has three purples. I'm quite happy with it!

In attempt to wiggle around the measurements, I decided to use the 4-in-1 method of half square triangles. As always, this method worked great. Only problem... it still wasn't helping the fabric shortage.

Speaking of Half Square Triangles, when you use the 4-in-1 method, I suggest marking a stitch line on your fabrics. In the corners you have a square. When you are sewing your fabrics together, stop in the needle down position on the squares corner. Turn your fabric and you are ready to stitch down the next side. No wonky corners necessary.

I have a love/hate relationship with pinwheels. It seems I never get them right the first time. Seam ripper, you are my best friend! Ugh. Part of the love relationship this time is the color.

Thanks Jen for another pretty block!

Check out these other quilters blocks... they followed the instructions ;)

One Quilting Circle

Mary Mack's Blog

Starting September 10th, I will be hosting a "Back to Sewing" quilt along! The pattern is called "Tribes of Israel". It has quite an interesting story behind it and I will be sharing more information about each block as we sew together. Click on this link for the my sew-along Facebook Page. I hope you will join us!

Tribes of Israel measures 46" x 36" and is primarily English Paper Pieced. Don't let that scare you away if you have never done EPP before. Make one block and you have mastered the rest!

The block pictured represents the gem "Agate"

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