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Tribes of Israel QAL Catch Up Week

The title says it all... this is Catch Up Week! We are entering week four with three blocks behind us. Only nine to go and then the finish. The weeks fly by and before you know it Tribes of Israel will be finished and ready for another project. Hint, Hint... another designer and I are working on your next project, a Mystery Quilt which begins in January!!!


Week One: Sardius

Week Two: Topaz

Week Three: Carbuncle

This week I will be working on my soon to be quilting classroom. I am half way finished. Yay! I'll share pictures after I'm done. I'm almost to the decorating / setting up part. I will be teaching classes which focus on beginner techniques, hand quilting, and one day sewing retreats. It's exciting and hard work expanding a business you love!

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