• Sarah Marcina

Quilt Block Mania: January 2021

Do you remember your first love? That moment when you first thought I love them? That moment in time when your feelings went from being a good friend to romantic?

I do, like it was yesterday.

Okay... enough nostalgia and onto this block. Maybe I'm just partial but I think it is pretty cute. My first attempt was terribly wrong with Sue & Sam sizes. I had to start over. Sue was much easier (and looks a whole lot better) the second time around! Not only did I make her taller, I changed the apron fabric to match Sam's shirt.

When working with small pieces, it is best to audition fabrics before assembling. With Sue, her apron and bonnet almost became one when using just solid pink.

Tomorrow I will share how to make Sue's flower. Be sure to stop back by!

This months colors are a lot of pinks & a light blue. Our host, Carolina, finds lovely color schemes from the website "Design Seeds."

The only color that was significantly different was my blue. I just couldn't find a good scrap!

If you would like to follow all of my sunbonnet blocks in September 2021, I will share a quilt layout in October. Along the way I will give a few tips, including how to Quilt As You Go. If you would like to know more about Quilt Block Mania, click here for my introductory blog.

To download the previous sunbonnet blocks, click here.

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