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  • Sarah Marcina

September Re-Cap


A Little of Life:

Wow! What an amazing month it has been. I am blessed beyond measure. For my 31st birthday, my man gave me beautiful earrings. I love him! My "little brother" married a beautiful lady. They truly had a whirlwind romance. As a bridesmaid, I met a few ladies I now call close friends. September has been a wonderful month.

A Little of Quilting:

When I joined the Quiltville Open Studio on Facebook I began seeing amazing post about the Mystery Quilt "En Provence." They were beautiful. Many people were posting their finished quilt and adding "I can't wait for the next one!" or "When does the colors come out?" I haven't quite decided if I will join in or not, but right now the challenge sounds good.

A Little of Faith:

"Faith is the substance of all things hoped for and the evidence of all things unseen."

For several years Thomas prayed for a wife. He spoke to me many times about not finding the right one. One day I asked him exactly what he was looking for in a lady. He told me a few vague things, but didn't really have specifics. I challenged him to really think about what he needed. I encouraged him to write these things down and be specific as possible and then use this as a prayer list. I challenged him not to pray only for God's will, but to pray about those things specifically. A few months later he called me excited about this lady he had met. He told me he thought she was the one... that was early spring and September 23rd he was married. The week before the wedding he called me and asked if I remembered telling him to make a list. He told me his list included 27 specifics and his lady met them all.

I am not saying with faith everything you ask for will be so. Yet, when praying be specific. When praying examine yourself and make sure you are praying righteously. When praying, have faith God's perfect will for your life will come to fruition. In the end your prayer will be answered, always. Perhaps it will be a yes, no, or not right now, but God will answer. Have faith.

My brother, sister-in-love and my man!

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