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Diary of a Patriot Clue 2

Clue Two is flying geese using your red and white fabric. In the directions, I use the no waste method. To be totally honest, before making them this way I couldn't see how it worked. I had to just believe this little triangle with wings would end up being four flying geese. I actually made one the first time around with no problem at all, I just didn't see how it made them though.

I most always foundation pieced every size of flying geese. For some reason I just could not get them to turn out perfect any other way! Needless to say, it took forever to get those babies made. Sure, I could explain how to make them different ways and even write patterns for various methods. I just couldn't make them right! Do you have an unit that you can't seem to get regardless of method or years of quilting? Or perhaps you are like me and have a perfection method you don't want to veer away from.

Here is how you make these geese the no waste method aka my new favorite method! Lay the large square right side up. Place one small square in opposite corners right side down. Draw a line through the center of the blocks.

I found out I had better accuracy if I placed a pin in the center of the small squares and one in the center where they overlap before sewing.

Sew 1/4" away from the line on each side.

Cut on the line and then press open. This is where I couldn't see flying geese coming from the triangle with wings! Do you see geese?

You will have two of these little guys. In each corner, place one small square right side down. Draw a line from the corner to the center of the wings. You will sew on both sides of the line 1/4" away from it.

Once again cut on the line. You will end up with four pieces now. Are you seeing the flying geese yet?

Yep, there they are... perfect flying geese. You can trim the dog ears off if you like.

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