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National Quilting Day!

I decided to surprise the mystery quilters with the reveal today! It was scheduled for Friday, March 27, but I felt like we all needed a little extra happiness in our lives. Maybe it was just me, but revealing makes me happy!!!

So, in the spirit of encouragement and celebration of quilting.... Drum roll, please!

This is my "Diary of A Patriot" quilt. It is the queen sized with embroidery. I Love It!

This is Deb Poland's pieced twin. She has already awarded it to a very special veteran through Quilts of Valor. Aren't all veterans special though!

For the other two versions I only have digital photos at this point.

Pieced Only Queen:

Embroidered Twin (Quilt of Valor appropriate.)

I hope you LOVE the design and have enjoyed the process of making the "Diary of a Patriot" quilt. Charisma and I have really enjoyed designing this quilt together.

Psst: If you need to have yours quilted, Charisma is an awesome Long Arm Quilter!!!

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