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Thank You Stars

I started out thinking I would make a full quilt with the finishing size 63" x 78", yet l knew this would be a project started and never finished. Things have been getting worse with Granny, she is getting more forgetful and even hateful with me. She forgets that I have been to her house that day or talked to her on the phone just hours ago. I have a feeling the time is coming sooner than later my dad and uncle will be forced to place her in an assisted living facility.

Dementia is a curse. It is the demise of the mind, while the body is still whole.

Every day I pray for God's mercy on her life. With my prayer comes sorrow because I know the ultimate mercy will be God taking her home. I hate the thought of it, but I hate the thought of her being forced into a facility even worse. Facility. That word alone brings unnamed emotions.

Back to my quilty life... This pattern is called "Thank You Stars" by Marianne Fons for Fons & Porter: Love of Quilting. It is one of those love at first sight quilts you know you MUST make. Instead of making the full quilt. I believe I will make three blocks and put it together to use as a table runner or wall quilt. As of today, I have the blocks put together, but no sashing. Here are a few picture of my progress so far:

I think I like it. By the way, I can't believe I am actually making a very controlled scrappy quilt. Scrappy, controlled or not, isn't my thing.

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