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Get Organized Month

This morning on the news, I found out January is "Get Organized Month." I didn't know there was such a thing. Folks, you better do it! lol Here's proof it's a real thing: There is even a hashtag for it: #GetOrganizedMonth. So for those who keep putting off their sewing/craft room organization you have twenty more days left, so time isn't a valid excuse. lol Even though I just set up my quilting studio a few months ago, I am ready to rearrange it! Only makes sense for a quilter would frequently want to change stuff around... isn't that what we do with our fabrics? A beautiful piece of material, cut it up, and put it back together again.

This wasn't on today's agenda, but I walked in this morning and knew I needed to be done. I have a shipment of fabrics from Connecting Threads coming, now I will have a well organized place for them!

One reason I wanted to move things around was because my fabric shelf was on the wall opposite of the windows. That wall get's a lot of sun. Sun will fade fabrics. I I keep the shelf covered half way down with a wall hanging, but sometimes, I just want to see the pretties. Here's a few

before pictures...

Are you reorganizing? If so, show off you before & after pictures!

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