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  • Sarah Marcina

Quilt Scams

The last year has brought a lot of grief for designers and consumers alike. Quilt scams are so ramped it is nearly impossible to keep up on shutting them down. The prices are to good to be true and sometimes marketed as a blanket. They will take your money and leave you with no product.

When you see an quilt ad, here are a few things to check before ordering.

~What's the price? Is it too good to be true? If it's cheap and seems too good to be true it is.

~Is it being advertised as a blanket or quilt? If a quilt is being advertised as a blanket, it's probably a scam.

~Are there watermarks on the photo? Does the watermark match the company selling the item?

~ What does the photograph look like? Does it look professional?

~Is the company legit? Does it have reviews? Examine using the above questions. If in doubt, don't!

~When you search the name of the quilt, what are the results? Where do the results link you?

Recently, the Better Business Bureau Northwest-Pacific took notice and posted a video...

One last thought... I believe the real targets are those who enjoy quilts, but don't make them! I encourage you to share this post or at least the video on your social media. Spread the word on this crime.

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