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Quilt Therapy

What else is there to do when you feel like spending the day in grief? Quilt. It always helps take my mind off of the situation at hand. It is good to grieve, healthy actually. Yet when it becomes all you can think about, then you need to get up and do something. After I wrote my last post, I dried my tears and went to the machine.

I pulled out On Ringo Lake and knocked out the sashing! I also put together the remained of the coral / light brown flying geese. So glad that is done. One step closer to finishing it! My chart is looking more and more complete all the time!

Today I finished quilting Block Seven of the Pleiades Quilt. Only two more blocks to go and then onto putting it together. I am still trying to decide how to lay this one out. So many fun choices.

Do you see the tulips in the corners? The pattern is a star, but I see tulips.

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