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  • Sarah Marcina

Bells of Ireland

Happy New Year!!! This quilting year is packed with new adventure. The first "Diary of a Mystery Quilt," which is hosted by local quilt shops, begins this today! If your shop isn't participating, you will be able to purchase the pattern later this year. Today begins the #2019MonthlyColorChallenge from Patterns by Jen.


Bells of Ireland is January's color challenge...

It actually took longer to choose my fabric than to make the block. After researching the blocks flower, I set out on a scrap stash search. My dark fabric design has small leaves which remind me of the petals. I was trying to find something a little closer to the actual flower color, but my scraps didn't provide. All in all, I'm satisfied.

Super simple and basic blocks. In fact, I just made a bunch of the square in a square patches for my mystery quilt, which starts in February!

Evidently I have made so many SiaS lately, my mind can't tolerate making another "perfect one." I lost a corner.

Or perhaps, I just need to stop for the night???

Wrong way... here comes the seam ripper! I'm being real and honest here. Fellow quilters, we've all done it one to many times.

But the end is always worth it... not the most perfect block in the world, but it certainly does carry the feeling of the Bells of Ireland Flower.

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