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  • Sarah Marcina

Appreciative April

Jill Drehmer, a Mary Kay Independent Sales Director, challenged us to share something we appreciate every day during April. A revived appreciation has been found for many things we normally take for granted or perhaps a new appreciation has been found.

For starters, what is the difference between thankfulness and appreciation? Thankful is "pleased to receive" or "expressing gratitude." Appreciation is "to recognize full worth." These two go hand in hand, but appreciation comes before thankfulness. To be thankful for something, you must first appreciate it.

The number one thing in my life I appreciate is my Lord and Saviour. Many times as a Christian we just take for granted that God has loved us, cared for us, provided to us and yet we never fully recognize the worth. I'm not sure we can, in our finite human mind, grasp His full worth. The list of appreciation for Him is infinite, innumerable and unbelievable.

This song kept going through my mind, hopefully it will bless you as it did me. I fully, wholly, appreciate my Lord, my God! Thank you Jesus, for your selfless sacrifice for my sin.

Lord, I appreciate your grace, your faithfulness, your mercy, your creation. I appreciate the people you have put in my life. I appreciate the physicians you have blessed with knowledge. I appreciate those who you have called into the military and police officers. Lord, I appreciate your placing our leaders in their position, I appreciate your foreknowledge. I appreciate your communication with me although I am unworthy. Thank you, Lord for your blessings in my life. Thank you, Lord, for your grace and mercy. Thank you for eternal salvation. In Jesus name, Amen.

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