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  • Sarah Marcina

Tribes of Israel Quilt: Onyx

The word onyx means "nail of the finger" in Greek. The banding in onyx stones can sometimes resemble that of a fingernail. Onyx was mentioned by name four times in the Bible including Genesis 2:12, Exodus 28:20, Job 28:16, and Ezekiel 28:13. It is the stone found in the forth row, second stone on Joseph's breastplate representing the tribes of Israel. It is uncertain which stone onyx represents, but some Bible scholars believe it to be the tribe of Benjamin.

In choosing fabrics, I had a hard time staying in the just gray-black family. It is surprisingly difficult to not veer into the lane of cream. Connecting Threads solids 10" stack included what I needed though.

It seems as if there is always one element that makes it difficult to place satisfactory when dealing tone / tone colors. For this it was to keep the lightest gray from being to prominent. I was able to do that by only using it in the corners.

The remainder of the pieces, I was able to use black and two dark grays.

In the end, it never fails, the block will come together. If I'm not happy with it for some's a gem and each and every one are created special and unique!

Charisma Horton ( did an awesome job long arm quilting these gems!

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