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  • Sarah Marcina

When Time Flies


Have you ever had to just take some time off to refresh? Maybe you needed to step away from commitments for a period of time because of family, health or one of many other reasons. That was me this last year, 2022 was an interesting year. If I could define it in one word, it would be "unexpected." I've though years past could have been labeled unexpected but this year... wow.

Last January, I made the business decision to put on hold pattern designing, which included my blog. I was becoming so overwhelmed it was being detrimental to my health. Something had to give and this was the only option. Can you believe I didn't even make and finish one quilt the entire year? I can't. I miss it though!

The last week of January 2022 my good friends whom I ride to church with were ill so I message one of my best friends to see if I could go with her. She said absolutely but I'm not going to Cornerstone (our home church) but to Clearview. I was like sure, I can go there. After COVID being able to go to church on Sunday was a blessing regardless of the location! Long story short, my good friends illness brought me a year full of the unexpected.

A little recap. I'm now a church pianist! It had been since my teenage years that I had even played piano for a church service. Talking about having to fine tune forgotten skills. In May I planed the Mother's Day ladies luncheon. Wow. That was a challenge. Each month thereafter brought little projects here and there in the little church. It was so refreshing and healing. I didn't realize how broken I still was. I felt valuable, like my life had a meaning again and I wasn't just floating through time. How wonderful it is to feel like you have a genuine purpose in life.

Now I'm ready. Ready to dive back into creating quilt patterns, submitting to companies, participating in Quilt Block Mania and so much more! I am looking forward to what is to come this year and enjoying every minute of it because time flies.

(Pictured "Hope for Tomorrow." Purchase here.)

Four things you must know.

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