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Quilts for Kids

In 2000, Linda Arye began Quilts for Kids with the mission of "Transforming fabrics into patchwork quilts to comfort children facing serious illness, injury or trauma." As this organization grew it was featured on television shows including Martha Stewart Show, Rachel Ray Show and more. You may have even seen this Downy commercial:

One unique thing about this charity is they can supply you with a quilt kit. It has enough fabric included to make one quilt measuring around 38" x 45 inches. After you finish your quilt, you ship it back to their headquarters. From there they label, inspect and wash your quilt before sending it to a special child. Quilting companies including Moda, Northcott, Timeless Treasures, Michael Miller and many more support QFK.

QFK have specific guidelines so every quilt donated can bless a child. Pertaining to fabrics, it must be 100% cotton, no exception. They ask the fabric be high quality because the quilts are washed frequently through commercial grade laundering. Due to this, quilts should only be machine quilted with no more than 2" in between stitching.

As I looked through the pictures of children receiving their quilts, it gave me a new perspective. Giving a quilt to a charity isn't like donating clothing or canned food to a pantry. It's so much more personal. This one item that you are having fun making will bless a child and their family almost beyond words. It brings light to their day. Warmth and comfort to their little bodies.

I would encourage you to make your best quilts and give them to charities. I often read about how a quilter were disappointed their loved one didn't appreciate the beautiful quilt that took so much time, love and work. Know this, every quilt you make for these children will be loved and appreciated.

For more information visit the website "Quilt for Kids" at

Have a blessed day!


Have you made a quilt for kids? If so, show off your quilt in the comment section! I would love to see them.

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