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Monthly Color Challenge: October

I'm enjoying Jen's challenge because for a few minutes a month I get to pull out something completely different. I don't have a lot of scraps as I normally use every last piece of fabric in a project. Here are the contents of my red scrap plastic shoe box.

This is what I choose:

It was a challenge because I didn't have any squares large enough for the pattern. Instead of making the HST as directed, I made them from strips. It worked out just fine. I ended up using a third fabric for the center square.

Once again, Jen's directions are easy-peasy. I cannot wait to start putting my quilt together. Just two more months! I will be attempting to machine quilt this project. By machine quilt, I mean simple straight lines. Machine quilting has always seemed very intimidating. I'd rather hand quilt or send it to my long-arm quilter friend.

I'm happy with my block! It's a little busy compared to my typical fabric choices. I love the little hearts in the center fabric.

For this months 2019 Monthly Color Challenge block from Pattern by Jen, click here.

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