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Family Pumpkin Pickin' Day

Don't you love fall!! Aside from the Christmas, this is my favorite time of the year. Well, except for spring and summer too.... so maybe there is just something special about every season I love! Autumn is full of family traditions, including going to the pumpkin patch.

For this months block, my Sunbonnet family is going home at sundown from the pumpkin patch. Good grief, this block was hard to get "just right!" Thinking about the topic (Family), color palette and choice of theme (Sunbonnet Sue / Sam) this is what I saw in my minds eye:

I'll take you step by step on how I put it together. On Friday I will share how I finished this block, including added bling so come back for the blog post! Click here for the pattern link.

Step One: Sew together the background. The actual directions are in the pattern. Feel free to change up the colors or just do a solid 10 1/2" x 12 1/2" solid with a 2 1/2" x 12 1/2" ground piece sewn together.

At this point, I started quilting. I decided it would be easier if I took care of the sky before I started the applique. You decide... regardless it will all result the same!

Step Two: Applique Prep

Fusible - On the wrong side of fusible webbing, trace the templates. They are placed together as close as possible, go ahead and trace just as it is printed. You will save quite a bit of the webbing because I have strategically place them. Generously cut the pieces apart and iron onto the appropriate fabrics.

Other Methods - For those who are using a different method, such as turned edge applique, reverse the template they are created for the fusible method. You will also need to add a quarter inch when you cut out the fabric.

Step Three - Place the pieces in the appropriate places and iron on.

Four - If you used the fusible method, I suggest also stitching them on. I did by hand.

Lastly, embellish away! I added a few fun things to my finished block. Check back for Friday's post to see all the goodies!

If you make the block, I'd love to see pictures. Post on:

Facebook: "The Quilted Diary" or

Hop back to the host quilter Carolina Moore's website by clicking here!

Four things you must know...

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