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  • Sarah Marcina

Year in Review

What a year it has been. Many blessings yet intertwined with grief. In May I met a lovely lady and I now have the privilege calling my sister-in-love. God blessed my brother with a beautiful wife in a whirlwind of love. Through their engagement, I got to know a wonderful group of ladies I now call friends. They have been an encouragement, supported me through grief, and goodness knows all the times we have laughed together!

God truly does work in mysterious ways. Two weeks prior to Granny meeting Jesus, Thomas was married. At his wedding, unknowingly, it was the last time her brother and many nieces and nephews spent time with her this side of Heaven. I could go on about how the day she met Jesus was filled with God;s grace and mercy. There are so many details only orchestrated by His perfection.

I have been vividly reminded and taken aback by the Hand of God this year. I could take you back through each month and you could see His Hand painting the picture "2017."

If I had to pick one thing about 2017 that stands out the most, it wouldn't be an event, highs or lows, not a wedding or death. It would be God. Simply God. He knows me better than I know myself. He knows what I need yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is my strength when I am weak emotionally and physically. He is my refuge when all seems like it is crashing down around me and Nothing will ever be the same. He is my stronghold and anchor. This year, perhaps, this has been clearer and more real to me than ever before.

As I think about 2018, I am imagining a blank canvas just waiting to be filled with a perfect planned image only known to the Creator Himself.

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