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First Birthday!

This morning as I quilt, many thoughts have flowed through my mind. It is a happy / sad kind of day. It brings a lot of memories, but it brings no more to add. Today Granny would have turned 83. A long month ago she was saying, "Don't go making me older than I am, I'm not 83 yet. But you know what, I have had a blessed life. I have my two sons, daughter-in-laws and you grand-kids too." Here are a few birthday memories:

November 8, 2016 my mom and I purchased a chicken dinner, small cake from the bakery, and balloons to surprise her. I remember the look on her face when we walked into the kitchen...a childlike look of joy. Her first words were, "I thought you had done forgot my birthday, when you were here earlier you didn't say anything bout it." She was so happy. Our little party made her day. This day will be forever ingrained in my memory as the last one we had with her. It was a good day.

For her 80th, I organized and hosted a party for her. It was that year she had several mini-strokes and her dementia had been worsening. The thought of will this be her last birthday was almost overwhelming. It was a good day. She loved the surprise and gifts but even with all the hoopla her greatest joy was all her family being together. My only regret from this day is the only picture I took was of her cake.

My mind also wandered to our birthdays past. Granny and Grandpa would take the whole family to Ponderosa after church the week following a birthday. After dinner we would go back to their house and have a piece of checkerboard cake.

All the memories of birthday past are good ones. Yet today is different. Today is the first one she will spend in her eternal home. Her first one with Grandpa in over 15 years. The very first one with her stillborn daughter. For me and the family, it is a hard day. We in our own way will remember and celebrate the day thinking back of fond memories past, stories she told about her growing up years, and time we have spent together. Although my heart is heavy, I am glad she is spending this one in Heaven. Her mind is whole again and she is happier and healthier than she has ever been.

As I continue to work on the Checkered Rail Quilt, my heart is filled with joy of memories past yet yearning more could be made.

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