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Mystery Quilt: Clue One

Surprisingly so, this isn't too bad. A simple 9 patch with 3 colors. If the rest of the piece work is this simple, this will be a cinch! I finished them all in two days. I am excited to get Clue 2 on Friday. So many who are participating finished Clue 1 the day it was out. I doubt I will be that good, but it is my goal to finish them before the next clue comes out. I think a week will be enough time to get them done... at least that is my hope.

Here is a picture of my blocks!

I learned a few new things which made the process of piecing a little easier and go much faster. I will remember these tips for the future. I can't remember a time when the corners matched up so well without me having to use a seam ripper!

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